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From Colin Archers to Tumlaren and Tinker 2.

Colin Archer Scandinavian yachts were based on his studies of earlier work, combining a displacement parabola curve, an aft positioned midship section and sharp bow waterlines. His original designs were Fishing Boats, but became Pilot Boats because of their stability.

Tumlaren, designed by Knud H Reimers, continued this development, with a sharp bow and rounded stern. These were so popular in the 1930s, that over 600 were built, with no lesser yachtsman than Uffa Fox stating that ‘The Tumlaren was once the most advanced type of cruiser in the world.’ They are still built in Finland.

Alan Newton’s Tinker 2 continues this design tradition, combining the inherent stability of the Colin Archer designs with the classic racing lines of the Tumlaren. The heritage from the earlier larger boats can be seen in the presentation below.

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